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Steel Reports: Information on the global trade of steel mill products

steel reports

Steel Reports

  • U.S. Steel Executive Summary
    • Features current data on the U.S. and Intra-North American steel trade and status of the U.S. steel industry.
  • Annual Global Report (2019)
    • Provides currently available statistical data concerning the global steel trade and the regions and countries that play a large role in steel. Information in this report includes global steel export and import trends, production, capacity and consumption data.
  • Global Steel Trade Monitor Country Reports
    • Provides comprehensive analysis of global steel trade including global export and import trends, production and consumption data, and trade remedies.

                   Exports                                         Imports

                   Canada                                      Canada

                   China                                          China

                   European Union                      European Union

                   United States                          Mexico

                                                                         United States


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