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U.S. Industry Monitoring and Analysis System

Steel Import Monitor

The Steel Import Monitoring and Analysis (SIMA) System, under the Department of Commerce, collects and publishes early warning data of steel mill product imports. By design, this information provides stakeholders valuable information on steel trade with the United States. This is achieved through two tools: the steel licensing program and the steel import monitor.

SIMA, through the import monitor, provides an early indication on steel imports by publishing near real-time aggregate data on steel mill imports into the United States. These data incorporate information collected from steel license applications and publicly released Census data. The data are displayed in tables and graphs for users to analyze various levels and changes in steel trade involving the United States. Additionally, SIMA provides data on U.S. steel mill exports, as well as imports and exports of select downstream steel products (using only public data from Census). 

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Industry Monitoring and Analysis

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U.S. Import Monitor

Collects and publishes early warning data about U.S. imports of steel mill products.
U.S. Recent Notable Trends
Displays notable changes in SIMA's steel import trends by country and product.
Global Steel Trade Monitor
Interactive tool to explore the global trade of steel mill products.
Steel Mill Export Monitor
Provides Census data on U.S. exports of select steel mill products.
Downstream Import Monitor
Provides Census data on U.S. imports of select downstream steel products.
Downstream Export Monitor
Provides Census data on U.S. exports of select downstream products.