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Panama is a country of 4.2 million people that is rich in diverse cultures. It is known as the Hub of the Americas, being one of the world’s most connected countries and having the Panama Canal with ports on both oceans. Panama’s American dollar-based economy, low inflation and zero foreign exchange risk, make the country an attractive place for investment by U.S. companies. Its government is stable and democratic.

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The U.S.-Panama Free Trade Promotion Agreement
The U.S.-Panama Free Trade Promotion Agreement entered into force in 2012. Over 87 percent of U.S. industrial goods exported to Panama are duty-free.
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Panama Special Economic Zones

Panama created five new free trade zones. U.S. companies may access these zones to benefit exports to the region. 

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U.S. higher education institutions are encouraged to use a mix of digital marketing and traditional outreach for recruiting Panamanian students.

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Panama: An LNG Hub for the Region

Panama is known for its strategic geographical location and for being the first Central American country with an Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) terminal.  

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