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Media and Entertainment: Trade/Licensing Services

Media & Entertainment Services

What the Global Media & Entertainment Team Offers 

Trade Counseling

Our Specialists will work with you to determine markets, music trends, entry challenges, understanding copyrights in foreign countries, conduct background checks on potential partners, and more. 

Business Matchmaking

We’ll identify and introduce you to potential international business partners including:

  • Agents, sub-agents, distributors and representatives  
  • Synch licensing partners for film, television, advertisements, games, karaoke, etc.
  • Mobile and other M&E services that monetize music
  • Performance Rights Organizations (PROs) 
  • Licensing partners for film, television, etc.
  • Touring and merchandising companies that generate exposure and monetization for artists and businesses
  • Government & trade organizations 
  • Joint projects for co-production

Team Activities

  • Engage with domestic Trade Associations, Music Offices, Film Commissions and Public-Private Tech and Entertainment Coalitions; Congressional bodies such as the Internet Caucus on policy and best practices, as well as International Ministries of Trade, or Culture or their industry Export Bureaus, to facilitate trade. 
  • Implement trade missions, attend trade shows and other trade events to promote international biz. 
  • Organize webinars that highlight policy and regulatory issues and identify best prospect markets.