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United Kingdom Information Technology New Govt. Taskforce Aims to Build and Adopt Next Generation AI

In April 2023, the UK Government pledged $125 million in funding to set up a taskforce responsible for accelerating the UK’s AI capability and support the broad adoption of safe and reliable AI. This funding is in addition to the $1.1bn announced in the Spring Budget in March 2023 to invest in the next generation of supercomputers and a dedicated AI Research Resource. 

The taskforce is modelled on the success of the UK COVID-19 Vaccine Taskforce. AI is envisaged to contribute billions to the UK GDP and the work of the taskforce aims at supporting economic growth, national productivity and better public services though AI.

The taskforce will work with businesses to develop the safety and reliability of AI models, both at a scientific and commercial level, whilst fostering public trust. It will bring together government and industry experts and report directly to the Prime Minister and Technology Secretary.

The taskforce will manage how the $125 million funding is strategically invested with the first pilots targeting public services expected to launch in the next six months.

The taskforce will be led by an expert Chair, who will be announced later in the summer. In the meantime, Matt Clifford, Chair of the Advanced Research and Innovation Agency, is acting chair advising on the development of the taskforce.

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