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United Kingdom Extends CE Mark Recognition

The UKCA mark was due to go into effect December 2024, but following extensive engagement with industry, businesses will be able to continue the use of CE marking. The UKCA mark is also accepted. The announcement was part of a wider government effort designed to ease business burdens by eliminating barriers and bureaucratic hurdles. 

The UK government extends recognition of the CE marking in Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales), indefinitely, beyond December 2024. These updates apply to the 18 regulations that fall under the Department for Business and Trade (DBT):

•    toys
•    pyrotechnics
•    recreational craft and personal watercraft
•    simple pressure vessels
•    electromagnetic compatibility
•    non-automatic weighing instruments
•    measuring instruments
•    measuring container bottles
•    lifts (elevators)
•    equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX)
•    radio equipment
•    pressure equipment
•    personal protective equipment (PPE)
•    gas appliances
•    machinery
•    equipment for use outdoors
•    aerosols
•    low voltage electrical equipment

There are different rules for medical devices, construction products, cableways, transportable pressure equipment, unmanned aircraft systems, rail products, marine equipment and ecodesign. The relevant departments covering these regulations will communicate their respective plans in the future.

The CE marking is already recognized in Northern Ireland. Businesses there will continue to have unrestricted access to the market in Great Britain and the EU single market. As such, the CE marking will be an acceptable method of demonstrating compliance for a wide range of goods on the UK market. 

For information on the CE mark, please visit the UK Government website.

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