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Express Delivery
Last published date: 2019-10-13

In Thailand, there are thirteen major airports with more than a million passengers arriving each year.  These airports are operated by various organizations such as Airport of Thailand Public Company Limited (AOT), Department of Airport, Bangkok Airways, and Royal Thai Navy.  The major airport facilities serve both domestic and international flights.
Suvarnabhumi International Airport, which is designated as the country’s main airport, has the capacity to serve 350,508 flights a year, accommodate 60 million passengers a year and facilitate 1.6 million tons of freight a year. 

In FY 2018, the number of aircraft movements for freight at the 11 major international airports reached 887,598 flights, with 470,123 international flights and 417,475 domestic flights.  The total freight and postal parcel volume amounted to 1,694,180 tons, including 1,601,521 tons of international freight and 92,659 tons of domestic freight.

Cost of Express Postal Service from Bangkok, Effective January 7, 2019
(Rates exclude special fee and fuel surcharge)
* Excluding China (South)

Destination10kg Box
(41.5 x 34 x 27 cm)
Additional rate per kg above 10kg and up to 20kg25kg Box
(56 x 44 x 35 cm)
Additional rate per kg above 25kg and up to 44kg
China & Taiwan4,200135.482036.556,233201.062036.55
Hong Kong3,06198.741645.294,709151.901645.29
Spain, Sweden7,860253.5544214.2612,285396.2944214.26
South Africa8,258266.3946615.0312,922416.8446615.03
(1US$=31 Baht), *Excluding China
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Price, quality, and availability of service are the key selling factors in Thailand.  In addition, relationships are also significant in selling products and services in Thailand, especially to the government.  Therefore, U.S. suppliers are strongly encouraged to seek partnership with a local agent or distributor and provide training for marketing and the technical support staff as the basis for successful market entry and expansion in Thailand.