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Protecting Intellectual Property

Provides advice on IPR protection, including information on the registration of patents and trademarks.

Last published date: 2020-09-29

In any foreign market, companies should consider several general principles for effective protection of their intellectual property.  For background, please access our article on Protecting Intellectual Property and Stopfakes.gov or contact ITA’s Office of Intellectual Property Rights Director, Stevan Mitchell at Stevan.Mitchell@trade.gov.

Although Lebanon is not a member of the WTO, its intellectual property rights (IPR) legislation is generally compliant with Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) standards.  However, IPR enforcement is weak.  Counterfeit products found in the local market generally fall in the following categories: alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, apparel, luxury consumer goods, CDs/DVDs, and pharmaceuticals.  There is no evidence that counterfeits have substantially affected imports or production of these categories of goods.  The Ministry of Economy and Trade’s Intellectual Property Protection Office (IPPO) has led efforts to improve the IPR regime but suffers from limited financial and human resources, and insufficient political will within the Lebanese government.  IPR enforcement by Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces (ISF) and Customs is relatively weak.  The understanding of IPR within the Lebanese judiciary has improved in recent years but gaps remain in awareness of the economic repercussions of IPR violations, judicial prosecution of IPR cases, and strong court decisions with punishments prohibitive enough to deter future infringements.  The Ministry of Economy and Trade’s draft laws and amendments to existing laws designed to improve the IPR environment await parliamentary approval.


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U.S. Embassy Kuwait

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