Ghana - Country Commercial Guide
Standards for Trade

Describes the country's standards landscape, identifies the national standards and accreditation bodies, and lists the main national testing organization(s) and conformity assessment bodies.

Last published date: 2020-08-31

Ghana generally follows British or European standards. Ghana uses 220V, 50 cycles for electricity and the metric system of measurement.


The Ghana Standards Authority (GSA), formerly known as the Ghana Standards Board, is responsible for developing and promulgating standards as well as ensuring that the quality of goods imported into Ghana meets acceptable standards. The Ghana Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) also regulates and certifies food, drugs, cosmetics and other products that have health implications for consumers. This arrangement involves some overlap between the two bodies, a situation which the government of Ghana (Ministry of Trade and Industry) is attempting to resolve.

Product Certification

Under the Ghana Certification Mark Rule, all products are required to be certified by the GSA. Ghana has no mutual recognition agreements with any U.S. organization. However, GSA has a mutual recognition agreement with Japan. The European Union (EU) has appointed GSA as the authority for certification of fish and fish products.

Contact Information:

Executive Director

Ghana Standards Authority

P.O. Box MB245, Accra, Ghana

Tel. +233 302-500231, 500065/6, 506992-6


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