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Ghana Automotive New Safety and Conformity Requirements for Used Vehicles

Used autos are a major U.S. export to Ghana. In April 2022, Ghana notified its new requirements for the important of used vehicles to the World Trade Organization (WTO). The new Ghana Standard for used vehicles, GS 4510:2022, lays out specific vehicle safety inspection and emissions requirements, among other requirements. Additionally, vehicles over 10 years of age from date of manufacture will not be allowed to enter Ghana. Salvaged vehicles with major damages, originally manufactured right-hand drive vehicles, and vehicles without readings in kilometers per hour will also be prohibited. Commercial Service Ghana can provide the draft standard that Ghana notified to the WTO by request to email:

All exports of used vehicles to Ghana will require valid Certificates of Conformity that can be obtained from approved third-party inspection bodies or through trained and licensed used vehicle dealerships in Ghana. Ghana announced in mid-November 2022, that these new requirements will go into force on January 1, 2023. However, the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) has not yet published the list of approved inspection bodies and licensed used vehicle dealerships with their contact details. Ghana subsequently notified the WTO that entry into force would be delayed, possibly to July 2023.  

Additionally, the GSA announced that all importers and assemblers of new vehicles need to register with the GSA and ensure that vehicle models imported or assembled are homologated (certified) by the GSA in line with the relevant Ghana Standards for new vehicles of categories M1 (Passenger cars and SUVs), M2 (Minibuses), and N1 (Pickups and cargo vans).  

Additional information about these policies can be obtained by the Ghana Standards Authority’s Auto Team via email at or Telephone (+233-302) 506991- 5 or at the website of the Ghana Standards Authority.  

To learn more about the environment for doing business in Ghana, contact Commercial Service Ghana at or +233(0)30-274-1870 and see our Country Commercial Guide to Ghana for broader context on doing business in Ghana and our market intelligence reports for ongoing updates on specific topics and industries.