Ghana - Country Commercial Guide
Labeling/Marking Requirements
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With respect to compliance inspection of imported goods, the following are the labelling requirements as specified in the Ghana Standards Authority General Labelling Rules, 1992 (Legislative Instrument 1541)

  1. Name of product
  2. List of ingredients in food
  3. List of active ingredients and their levels in drugs
  4. Date of manufacture and expiry date/Best before/Use by date in respect of food
  5. Date of manufacture and expiry date in respect of drugs
  6. Storage conditions
  7. Instructions or directions for use
  8. Net content
  9. Name and address of manufacturer
  10. Country of Origin
  11. Date of manufacture (as applicable)
  12. Batch/Lot number
  13. Where marks or labels are stamped, they shall be in indelible ink and legible.