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Licensing Requirements for Professional Services
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Regulated professional services in Ghana include certified public accountants, engineers, notaries, lawyers, bailiffs, dentists, doctors, pharmacists, architects, and real estate agents. A new licensing regime is being created to license cybersecurity providers, as well. See our related market intelligence report. Those wishing to engage in a profession must obtain an authorization or accreditation issued by the professional association. Each professional association has its own rules, regulations, and standards for exercising the profession. Although it is not always necessary to be a Ghanaian national to join a professional association, many of the texts include requirements on nationality or contain reciprocity provisions.

Service providers, including attorneys and accountants, are advised to contact the Ghana Bar Association or the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ghana for guidance on licensing procedures.  

Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ghana

P. O. Box 4268 Accra

Tel: 0544336701-02/ 0277801422

Email: Website:


Ghana Bar Association

P.O. Box GP 4150 Accra

Tel: 0302 912977/ 910650

Email:  Website: