Find Buyers and Partners

Finding Buyers and Partners

Find Buyers and Partners

Find Buyers and Partners


Your next customer may be in another country. Use our resources to make the search for foreign buyers and partners more efficient and successful. 

Get Help Finding Buyers - Tools

Explore a variety of services designed to help you meet buyers and partners.
Trade Shows
Trade Shows in the U.S. and abroad are a great way to meet many potential customers. They provide other benefits to your business too.
Trade Missions
With the visibility of a government-led mission and support on the ground, you'll have a unique opportunity to develop business in foreign countries.
Help Winning Foreign Government Contracts
If you are bidding on foreign public tenders, get help early to improve your competitiveness and chances of success.
Business Travel
Visit overseas markets before you conclude an export deal as many foreign markets differ greatly from the U.S. market.
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Customized Services

Get support from the U.S. Commercial Service tailored to your needs

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International Partner Search

Identifies potential prospects to partner with exporting U.S. companies.

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Gold Key Service

Identify, vet, and arrange meetings with possible partners.

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International Company Profile

Get a background on a foreign company.

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Website Globalization Review

Provides strategic recommendations for ecommerce sales.

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