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Selling to Foreign Governments
The Advocacy Center Helps U.S. Companies Win Foreign Government Contracts.

Sell to Foreign Governments

Each year, trillions of dollars in foreign government procurement opportunities are put out for competitive bidding. If your firm is already exporting, consider taking a closer look at your markets of interest. Procurement opportunities cover a cross-section of industries, with many related to infrastructure projects in developing countries, defense/aerospace, and oil and gas.

Is your business a smaller company? If so, you may also be interested in pursuing opportunities as suppliers to larger companies that have won or are bidding on foreign procurement projects. According to the World Bank, developing countries alone procure some $820 billion annually.



Get Help Winning Foreign Government Contracts

The Advocacy Center helps U.S. companies to win government contracts across the globe. It coordinates U.S. government-wide advocacy efforts on behalf of U.S. companies and works closely with ITA’s U.S. Commercial Service and its commercial liaisons to multilateral development banks. As soon as you take interest in a potential project, contact the Advocacy Center.  

Find Opportunities from the Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs)

Research foreign procurement opportunities by contacting Advocacy Center Multilateral Development Bank (MDB) Liaison Officers, or subscribing to online notices from the World Bank and the European, Inter-American, African, and Asian MDBs.

Country Commercial Guides

Country Commercial Guides provide the latest market intelligence on more than 140 countries from U.S. embassies abroad. Specific information on foreign government procurement can be found in the “Selling to the Government” chapter of each Country Commercial Guide and verified through your local U.S. Commercial Service office.  

Export Assistance

International Trade Administration (ITA) experts can help you learn more about the competitive environment around a project, find agents when they are required for you to sell to government organizations in a foreign market, and navigate other challenges you may face.