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Foreign Business Travel
These tips will help you plan your next international business trip.

Foreign Business Travel

The Importance of Visiting a Foreign Market

Visit overseas markets before you conclude an export deal. Many foreign markets differ greatly from the U.S. market. Learn about cultural nuances that may affect the design, packaging, or advertising of your product in another country.

In addition, traveling abroad can also generate new customers. Your business partners or customers may also prefer to conduct business in person first. 

How to Prepare for Foreign Travel

Prepare by meeting Travel Requirements, learning about the Business Culture, and Planning an Itinerary that will meet your business objectives. 

The Country Commercial Guide  (CCG) is a great resource for understanding the business environment in another country. There are CCGs for more than 120 countries and each includes a chapter on Business Customs and Travel.

U.S. Commercial Service Matchmaking Services

Trade professionals in U.S. Embassies and Consulates abroad can assist U.S. exporters by providing briefings and arranging introductions to appropriate companies, individuals, or foreign government officials. Arrangements should be made as far ahead as possible, and some services require a fee. As you plan your trip, discuss your needs with the staff of your local U.S. Commercial Service office to see what services may be appropriate.