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Consulting Services
Sectoral analysis of U.S. trade and competitiveness in consulting services.

Consulting Services

Consulting Services - Trade Data and Analysis

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As the largest exporters of professional and business services, U.S. consulting firms have a strong international presence. Our most recent review of the consulting industry reveals the primary destinations for U.S. consulting services exports. The United States has also maintained and expanded a trade surplus in this sector over the past decade.

We have also found that there are significant challenges for U.S. exporters of consulting services, ranging from localization and residency requirements to visa and immigration rules. 

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If you are a consulting service supplier looking to expand your international presence or explore opportunities in overseas markets, you may be interested in ITA’s new Consulting Services Top Export Market Ranking. This tool provides companies with analysis of the top prospective markets for exports of consulting services, using a mix of dynamic dashboards, country profiles featuring market insights from industry experts, and market-to-market comparisons.

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Market Profiles: Consulting Services in Canada

Review the latest data and trends on U.S. consulting services in Canada, as well as opportunities for U.S. consultants under the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).