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Accounting Services
Sectoral analysis of U.S. trade and competitiveness in accounting and auditing services. 

Accounting Services

Accounting Services - Trade Data and Analysis

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Many accounting firms have international ties, as accountants seek to compete in foreign markets and provide services for multinational clients. Our most recent review of the accounting services industry found that while the United States has a trade deficit in accounting services, we have also seen slow but steady growth in U.S. exports of accounting services over the last decade.

We have also noted a host of barriers that can impact accountants and accounting firms overseas, as well as opportunities for accountants to practice in other countries or regions via mutual recognition agreements. 

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News: United States Bans Certain Services Exports to Russia
On May 8, the United States announced a ban on certain services exports to Russia, including accounting services. U.S. persons will be prohibited from providing accounting, trust and corporate formation, and management consulting services to any person in the Russian Federation, effective June 7, 2022.
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Market Profiles: Accounting Services in Canada
Learn about opportunities for U.S. accounting services in Canada, including mutual recognition, as well as recent trends in accounting services trade.