European B2B ecommerce markets forecast to 2025
European B2B eCommerce Markets Forecast
The European region ecommerce B2B digital market data and forecast for 2022

European B2B eCommerce Markets Forecast

European Region B2B eCommerce Forecast to 2025

Manufacturers and services in the European region have seen steady online sales growth following European Retail eCommerce Consumer Forecast and trends, and total value of goods sold online in Europe reaching $1.8 trillion USD by 2025.

European B2B regional analysis and growth projection to 2025
The European market is projected to grow at 11.9% through 2025

This increase in B2B online consumption within Europe relates to overall increased market demand from purchases of spare machine parts, complex products, business/digital services, as well as packaged and bulk products.

Main types of products sold online by European B2B manufacturers in 2020
Main types of products sold online by European manufacturers in 2020

This forward momentum spells out “optimism” regarding European business outlook for B2B revenue development over the next few years through 2025, as the economic situations of B2B-focused companies will be slightly better than B2C customer bases.

European B2B company revenue development optimistic about next 5 years
eCommerce businesses are optimistic about revenue development over the next five years.

The European Region B2B Cross-Border eCommerce Snapshot

The majority of B2B cross-border ecommerce within Europe occurs within its geographical borders between countries, while only 30% of B2B cross-border ecommerce is happening outside of the European region.

European B2B international shipping, online sales destination by customer base
International Shipping: Online sales destination by customer base 45% of B2C focused companies ship to online customers outside of Europe, while only 30% of B2B-focused companies ship cross-border within the EU.

When it comes to buying and selling to the European region, overwhelmingly the business’ website is the preferred channel to acquire new consumers and inform visitors towards a sale.

European B2B company ecommerce sales channels
Sales Channels by Customer Base: Almost all ecommerce companies sell through their own website, half sell through online marketplaces.


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