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Currently coal and hydroelectric power plants provide most of Zimbabwe’s electricity, with Chinese firms dominating the market.  Zimbabwe’s installed power generation capacity of 2,800MW falls short of the 5,000MW it needs to fully support existing industry and households, and the country must import electricity from Zambia and Mozambique to address the shortage. Even with the GOZ commissioning two new thermal power units at the Hwange power station in 2023, adding 600 MW to the grid, demand still outweighs supply.  Both Zimbabwe’s main hydropower plant at Kariba Dam and the Hwange coal-fired power station operate at one-third of their capacity, largely due to aging equipment and low water level at Kariba.  Due to reduced power production and the government’s lack of money to import electricity from its neighbors, Zimbabwe currently experiences periodic12-hour blackouts.  GE was selected to produce turbines for the planned Batoka Gorge hydroelectric power plant, a $4.5 billion project that would generate 2,400 MW shared equally between Zambia and Zimbabwe, with any leftover going into the Southern Africa regional grid. The project, however, has been on hold since April 2021. 


Zimbabwe’s ongoing power crisis, growing demand for solar power, and an ideal climate for solar power generation represent a great opportunity for U.S. companies.  Zimbabwe’s coal plants are in various states of disrepair, offering opportunities for U.S. firms to provide maintenance and upgrades. Even once built, the Batoka Gorge project will not produce enough energy to meet the growing needs of the mining sector.  Mining companies have expressed interest in investing in private power generation to support 24/7 mining operations.  Exploration of possible oil and gas deposits in Muzarabani is ongoing.


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