Zimbabwe - Country Commercial Guide

Describes what a company needs to know to take advantage of e-commerce in the local market and covers prominent B2B websites.


Last published date: 2022-08-02

General Overview.

In 2020, Zimbabwe’s digital expenditure as a proportion of consumer spending per capita was minimal at 0.3 percent relative to that for Africa which averaged 1.3 percent.  Low internet penetration of 41.7 percent in 2020 constrained Zimbabwe’s eCommerce growth.

  • Total revenue in eCommerce market amounted to US$99.7 million, accounting for 56.7 percent of US$202 million total digital revenue in 2020.  In 2021, total revenue from eCommerce rose to US$341 million, dominated by beverages, followed by electronics and fashion.  The smallest contributor to eCommerce revenue was media at just over US$6 million in 2021.
  • Due to years of cash shortages, electronic payments via debit cards and mobile applications have become common, with Zimbabweans conduct 96 percent of their commercial transactions via mobile phone.   

Consumer Behavior

  • eCommerce is limited to urban centers, with much of it taking place on social media platforms, such as WhatsApp, using cash on delivery or mobile payments rather than credit card transactions on traditional websites.