Somalia - Country Commercial Guide
Trade Barriers
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As part of its economic recovery, Somalia is seeking to accelerate accession to regional and multi-lateral trade regulations, including the WTO, COMESA, and the EAC.  Some of the most common trade tariffs affect food and non-food items.  Somalia does not impose any specific non-tariff barrier to protect local industries.  Almost all food, non-food and pharmaceutical products are allowed to be imported.  Some medical drugs listed by the WHO are banned from being imported to the country.  Additionally, all the foodstuffs that are nearing expiration dates are prohibited.  Since 2020, Somalia has banned chemical-based fertilizer importation due to security concerns.  This ban does not include organic fertilizers commonly used by farmers.

Somalia’s customs taxation systems have not been fully harmonized across the country, and importers may experience different import duties based on the location of the port of entry.  Somaliland and Puntland operate differently from the ports in the country’s south and may differ significantly in regulations.  Importers need to familiarize themselves with local rules based on the port of entry of their consignments.