Somalia - Country Commercial Guide
Selling Factors and Techniques
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Common selling factors in Somalia include product messaging, quality, and after-sale assurance.  Returning Somali diaspora and the presence of Somalis in the United States are contributing to demand for high-quality American products in Somalia. 

Trade Promotion and Advertising

Social media platforms are increasingly becoming an attractive place for trade promotion and advertising in Somalia.  Local media houses also provide some narrowly-targeted advertising messaging opportunities.  The use of social media has grown significantly in recent years in Somalia, with local businesses using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, and other platforms to reach consumers.  Local print media is uncommon in Somalia.  However, a few local companies publish monthly business magazines.  Online business journals such as Somali Business Review publish opportunities and business news.  Outdoor advertising is common in major cities with large print media- billboards in central business districts.


Currently, there is no value-added tax (VAT) in Somalia, and pricing is based on market supply and demand rather than prescribed prices.  Somali lower to middle-income consumers are considered price-sensitive.

Sales Service/Customer Support

Direct sales of products and services into the Somali market is common.  Customer support, particularly after-sale support, is generally considered crucial.  U.S. companies are advised to identify and support local partners to provide customer support for their products and services in Somalia.

Local Professional Services

The Somali Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Somali Bar Association (SBA) provide professional services to foreign companies who wish to invest and export products to Somalia.

Principal Business Associations

The Somalia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) is the principal business association with sectoral associations, including the Somali Bankers Association and Somali Women in Business, which brings together Somali women in various sectors of industry.

Limitations on Selling U.S. Products and Services

Somalia has no negative list or identified list of sectors that are closed to non-local investors.  Halal products and products that are not considered to “violate” cultural norms, heritage, or religion are considered suitable for sale in Somalia.