Somalia - Country Commercial Guide
Human Capital and Corporate Services Sectors
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Somalia’s business environment is considered informal, with very few companies adopting a corporate business culture.  With relative stability and increased private sector development, business enterprises are looking to formalize their businesses and adopt business processes that could increase their market competitiveness.  U.S. business development services companies may find opportunities by providing audit services, financial services, certification, and accreditation.

With very few educational facilities that are provided by the government, demand for quality education is growing.  Almost 90 percent of schools in the country are privately owned.  U.S. companies in the education sector may consider franchising with local partners.  Investment opportunities include:

  • Investments in international schools to serve the growing number of Somali diaspora returnees and parents working for NGOs, the UN, and other international organizations
  • Investments in corporate training facilities
  • Investment in the provision of professional services, including legal, audit, engineering, architectural, and development consulting

Somalia is among the largest recipients of humanitarian assistance as well as development aid.  Several international organizations seek the services of consultancy firms to deliver their support to Somalia, particularly in project design, implementation, management, and evaluation.  These include UN agencies and international NGOs such as Care, Concern, and Save the Children.  USAID has several donor ongoing projects that seek the services of professional firms.