Serbia - Country Commercial Guide
Market Opportunities
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The Government of Serbia is continuing to allocate billions of dollars toward infrastructure improvements over the next decade, with planned spending on construction and upgrades of roads, rail, bridges, and ports. In ICT, there are opportunities to supply the public sector with e-government products, services, and solutions. There is a burgeoning tech scene in Serbia for U.S. firms to tap into, with the high-technology services sector accounting for over 7.0 percent of Serbian GDP and a labor force of 63,000, even though Serbia has suffered considerable brain-drain in recent years, which has particularly affected the tech sector.  The Serbian Government is committed to investing in healthcare, particularly in the medical device/imaging equipment sector and e-health solutions. Prospects in agribusiness include irrigation, cold-chain storage, freezing equipment, and agricultural equipment for processing and packaging. Across the board in each subsector, Serbia needs to invest in modernization of energy facilities and in environmental technologies.  Serbia is looking to diversify its energy supply and incorporate cleaner energy sources.  The environmental technology sector is in its infancy, with substantial opportunities in remediation, municipal and industrial waste, wastewater processing, recycling, and air quality. Meanwhile, Serbia’s planned accession to the EU means looming targets for higher environmental standards that it is presently ill-equipped to meet.