Serbia - Country Commercial Guide
Licensing Requirements for Professional Services
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Foreigners who wish to practice law, medicine, and accounting in Serbia must comply with local requirements. All attorneys, including foreign ones, must be registered with the Serbian Bar Association. Foreign attorneys, without passing the Serbian bar exam, can advise legal entities and individuals on application of the laws of their home country and on international law.

Foreigners may practice certain medical services in Serbia upon obtaining a temporary license from the local Chamber of Healthcare Professionals. The license can be issued for up to 180 days in a calendar year. In order to apply for the license, a foreign professional must have (i) a written invitation from a Serbian medical institution and (ii) a license or other adequate document issued by its country of residence, and (iii) must apply healthcare technologies permitted in Serbia.

As an individual, there are no educational prerequisites to practice accounting services in Serbia. However, accounting firms must be registered in Serbia to perform accounting services.