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Assessment of Current Buyer Behavior in Market

E-commerce is a small but growing industry in Morocco.  The country is ranked fifth in Africa in terms of e-commerce.  Morocco has Africa’s second highest internet penetration rate. According to Interbank Electronic Banking Center (CMI), online transactions using domestic cards increased by 43% over the course of 2020.  E-commerce is expected to grow in Morocco with the digital transformation and an E-Government strategy that includes financial inclusion.  There is a high instance of credit card fraud in Morocco and several U.S. companies have blocked access to Moroccan Internet Service Providers (ISPs).  Internet payment systems such as PayPal are available.  Google and Bain & Company predict that online sales in the MENA region will grow by 28 percent every year through 2022.

Local eCommerce Sales Rules & Regulations

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Local eCommerce Business Service Provider Ecosystem

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