Kyrgyzstan - Country Commercial Guide
Kyrgyz Republic - Prohibited and Restricted Imports
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Prohibited imports include weapons of mass destruction, narcotics, pornography, as well as other items outlined in the Kyrgyz Governmental decree on implementation of the law of the Kyrgyz Republic “About customs regulation in the Kyrgyz country.”[1]

In July 2022, a decree was approved to introduce effective Septemeber 1, 2022 a 100 percent state monopoly on the production, storage, and sale of ethyl alcohol in the Kyrgyz Republic.

In May 2015, the Kyrgyz Republic adopted the unified customs tariffs and non-tariff regulations of the Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union.[2]  The Kyrgyz Republic implemented the new common Customs Code and abolished internal customs borders upon fully acceding to the Union in August 2015, but implementation of the agreement remains slow. Detailed information on legal agreements and the customs duties schedule can be found at the website of the Eurasian Economic Commission.