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Kyrgyz Republic - Import Tariffs
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With the Kyrgyz Republic’s entry into the EAEU, the average import tariff rate increased from 5.04% to 9.4%, according to Ministry of Economy and Finance estimates. With member countries opening their consumer markets to one another, small Kyrgyz producers have struggled against greater competition from industrial-scale competitiors. Popular pressure has forced the government to consider raising customs duties within the EAEU, though the legality of such measures is debatable. The full EAEU tariff schedule can be found (in Russian only) at the websites of the Eurasian Economic Commission.[1] The Kyrgyz Republic is also a member of the WTO.

In July 2018 the Kyrgyz Republic introduced beneficial tariffs for import of vehicles manifactured after 2008 from non-EAEU countries resulting in the import of more than 28,000 cars for private use in 2019, predominantly from Lithuanua, Korea, Georgia, and the United States.[2] [3] [4] To incentivize electric car imports and purchases, the government charges no tariffs.[5] [6]  However, the government managed to apply a differentiated approach towards enticing people to resell their car by allowing cars produced after 2015 with a relatively lower tariff, depending on the age and engine volume.[7]  For tariff rates of goods, use the Customs Info Database Tariff Lookup Tool.



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