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Israel’s market for safety and security equipment and services is highly competitive. The market is price sensitive but demands high quality equipment with low failure rates. The market is highly receptive to U.S. products and technologies.

Israel has some 600 exporters of security technologies and services, including integrators and service companies. The country’s security-awareness and high-level of preparedness are the driving forces for the development of a cutting-edge security industry. Israeli companies are instrumental in the development of alarm technology, perimeter security detection and software, surveillance and access control integration technology.

Israeli manufacturers are also important end-users of imported security equipment and components that are integrated into locally produced security systems for export. This makes Israel an attractive market for U.S. manufacturers of high-end equipment and components that can be integrated into Israeli systems. There is a trend to avoid the purchase of U.S. export-controlled items for integration in systems due to the restrictions on re-export. Some homeland security systems are sold to the Israeli Ministry of Defense with Foreign Military Funding or Foreign Military Sales, giving an advantage to U.S. manufacturers.

The main single buyer of safety and security equipment and services in Israel is the rebranded Ministry of National Security. Its 2024 approved procurement budget is $1.03 billion, for spending on equipment and services for the Israeli Police, Prison Service, Fire & Rescue Authority, Anti-Drug and Alcohol Authority and the Witness Protection Authority. Public tenders are not always visible to the general public, so U.S. companies will not always be aware of major tenders. For this reason and because there is no single centralized Israeli government website where public procurements are advertised, we encourage U.S. suppliers to select a local agent who would keep a close eye on immediate and long-term opportunities.  

Leading Sub-Sectors

Security Technology – Physical and Perimeter Security Equipment

In the demanding safety and security sector, there is ongoing need for high quality, efficient systems with low failure rates. One of the country’s security concerns is safeguarding the offshore natural gas facilities and the maritime transport system supporting the rigs. Another concern is safeguarding the border with the Gaza Strip from fire balloons and violent demonstrations that require non-lethal response. Sub-sectors with the most potential for the U.S. industry include screening technologies, sensors, non-lethal weapons, advanced first-responder systems and technologies including situational awareness, sensors and wearables.

Public Safety – Police Equipment and First Responder Communication Systems

Other leading subsectors include law enforcement supporting technologies to combat cybercrime; technologies and methods to secure critical infrastructure and public facilities; safe and secure cities technologies; border protection including biometrics, screening systems and robotics; unmanned aerial systems; advanced first responder technologies such as video analytics, first responders protective clothing, wearable and situational awareness technologies; and environmentally safe fire retardants.


Good opportunities exist for sophisticated equipment to be used in the above mentioned leading sub-sectors. U.S. security technology, which enjoys an excellent reputation in Israel due to its high reliability, is often used for sensitive applications by high-security industries and for key infrastructures and installations.

The market also offers good opportunities for U.S. exporters of:

  • Means for non-lethal dispersion of masses
  • Detection and screening systems
  • Sensors
  • Biometric solutions
  • X-ray security systems
  • Anti-drone technologies and solutions, that can detect, classify and hinder potential threats
  • First responder solutions
  • Technologies for the prevention of agricultural crime, including hyperspectral scanners
  • Technologies for detection of hidden weapons and arms.

U.S. exporters should consider that their products may be re-exported. U.S. companies that want to participate in this sector should be knowledgeable of U.S. export control regulations. For additional information about U.S. export controls please refer to “U.S. Export Controls” section.

The Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation (BIRD) offers funding to support collaboration between U.S. and Israeli companies in research, development and commercialization of first responder technologies, including perimeter protection, wearable technology, situational awareness.


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