Israel - Country Commercial Guide
Import Requirements and Documentation
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As part of the U.S.-Israel FTA, to benefit from zero customs duties, U.S. exporters are required to print and sign a declaration, stating that the goods covered by the invoice fully comply with the rules of origin and the other provisions of the FTA. American exporters are advised to ensure that they carefully review and understand the language of the FTA’s Rules of Origin Provision before they sign the declaration. Exporters can register on the U.S. Commercial Service Israel website to receive additional information about the invoice declaration provision.

Israel’s Import Tariff classification is based on the Harmonized System (HS) Code. Israel’s Customs and Purchase Tax Tariff is the main instrument used for the classification of goods. The correct classification of goods is the key to determining tax rates, as well as obtaining various authorizations, permits and licenses, and all other conditions of importation, in accordance with the applicable laws, regulations and instructions. We recommend contacting a professional customs broker for consultation since classification of goods requires professional knowledge. Israeli Customs provides free pre-ruling classification information (under Commercial Import Taxes). A request should include a detailed description of the goods, a catalog with the technical information, and any other relevant information. In addition, Customs may also require a sample of the material/product, lab testing results, authorizations from institutes/authorized government agencies, import license and any other documents as required by the specific Customs Department. The Pre-Ruling request form is available from Israel’s Customs website.