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Licensing Requirements for Professional Services
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Foreigners who wish to practice law, medicine, and accounting in Israel must comply with local requirements. 
A recent amendment to the law allows foreign licensed attorneys to advise Israeli clients on matters pertaining to the law in the jurisdictions in which they are licensed. For instance, a U.S. lawyer can now advise Israeli companies and entrepreneurs about matters pertaining to U.S. law, without having to fulfill the requirements that had been imposed on all Israeli lawyers by the Israel Bar Association.

Physicians who are graduates of recognized schools of medicine abroad and practiced the profession abroad, or physicians who completed their studies and internship abroad but did not practice the profession, will be eligible for a license to practice medicine in Israel only after successfully completing the government licensing examinations in medicine. 
For individuals with an accounting degree from a recognized institution overseas but are not a CPA, it is recommended that they submit the degree for evaluation to the Department of Evaluation of Foreign Degrees at the Ministry of Education.