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Import Tariffs
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Information on average tariff rates for imported goods is available in the U.S. Trade Representative’s (USTR) National Trade Estimate via the above link. The Indian government has consistently raised tariff and non-tariff barriers to protect domestic suppliers across most sectors and to bolster indigenous production. For example, in its 2021-2022 Annual Budget, the Indian government increased tariffs for 31 product categories, including cotton and denatured ethanol for select end-use, and raised duties on solar inverters and solar lanterns. In its 2022-2023 Annual Budget, India further raised tariff rates on imported headphones, loudspeakers, and smart meters used by power distribution companies. In 2023-24 Annual Budget, India raised tariffs for private jets, helicopters, plastic goods, jewelry, high gloss paper, and vitamins.

The Customs Info Database tariff look-up tool on is available to estimate duties and taxes.