Iceland - Country Commercial Guide
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There are various U.S. franchises present in Iceland, mostly in the food and service industries.  In the food franchise sector, American chains such as KFC, Dominos, and Subway have been household names for decades.  In the clothing sector, European franchises are well-established, but U.S. brands in clothing and accessories are increasingly popular in Iceland.  Icelanders are generally familiar with U.S. brands.  The United States is a popular tourist destination for Icelanders, U.S. movies and TV shows are popular in Iceland, and American tourists are the largest nationality that visits Iceland.  With the increasing number of American tourists that visit Iceland, the demand for American food, products, and services is increasing as well.

Leading Sub-Sectors

Clothing and accessories, services, and food franchises.


Growing tourism has increased interest in a range of franchises that support or cater to a tourist population, as well as the local population.


American-Icelandic Chamber of Commerce

Icelandic Federation of Trade

Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority (MAST)

Invest in Iceland

Ministry of Higher Education, Science, and Innovation

Ministry of Culture and Business Affairs

Business Iceland

SA Confederation of Icelandic Enterprise

U.S. Embassy in Iceland