Greece - Country Commercial Guide
Market Opportunities

Overview of best prospect sectors, major infrastructure projects, significant government procurements and business opportunities.

Last published date: 2022-07-27

Best Prospect Sectors include:

  • Information and Communications Technologies
  • Healthcare
  • Defense and Firefighting
  • Energy and LNG
  • Infrastructure

Reasons U.S. companies should consider exporting to Greece:

  • Long-term tourism trends and potential:  Greece’s tourist trade continues to grow, and the country will need continued investment to upgrade tourist facilities and infrastructure.
  • Shipping:  Greece’s shipping sector is among the world’s strongest and is buffered to a degree from economic uncertainty in the country. This industry is a big consumer of U.S. products and solutions ranging from equipment to digital solutions.
  • Geographic location:  Greece’s geographic location in the Mediterranean and Southeastern Europe is an advantage for companies seeking to serve regional customers. Greece can be considered the doorway to the Balkans and an Energy, Logistics and Transportation hub.