Greece - Country Commercial Guide
Labeling/Marking Requirements
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Greece follows EU labeling requirements, for more information please check the EU CCG  article on EU labeling requirements.

Manufacturers should be mindful that, in addition to the EU’s mandatory and voluntary systems, national voluntary labeling schemes might still apply.  These systems may be mandated by strong customer demand, and thus become unavoidable for marketing purposes.

Manufacturers are advised to take note that all labels require metric units although dual labeling is also acceptable.  The use of language on labels has been the subject of a Commission Communication, which encourages multilingual information, while preserving the right of member states to require the use of the language of the country of consumption.

The EU has mandated that certain products be sold in standardized quantities. Council Directive 2007/45/EC harmonizes packaging of wine and spirits throughout the EU. Existing national sizes will be abolished with a few exceptions for domestic producers. For more information on mandatory and voluntary labels please refer to EU’s website on Labels and Marking.

The Eco-Label

The European Eco-label enables European consumers, including public and private purchasers, to easily identify officially approved green products across the European Union, Norway, Liechtenstein, and Iceland.

For more information, please refer to  EU Ecolabel.