Democratic Republic of the Congo - Country Commercial Guide
Market Entry Strategy
Last published date: 2022-12-14

There are four possible market entry There are opportunities large and small in the DRC.  The DRC’s enormous mining wealth attracts top mining companies from around the world.  The boom in demand for electric vehicle and electronics batteries has multiplied the demand for cobalt, coltan, and lithium.  Energy is another sector with tremendous potential for renewable power sources such as hydroelectricity and renewable solar.  Telecommunications is a largely privatized and still growing industry.  Agriculture is a neglected sector as the DRC has large tracts of underexploited land.  The need for roads and buildings means numerous contracting opportunities.  The need for transport creates an enormous market for vehicles, boats, and engines.


  • Exporting to Congolese retailers: Because of a limited industrial base in the DRC, few finished goods are produced domestically.  The vast majority of consumer and finished goods are imported.
  • Joint venture: Many sectors require in-depth knowledge or expertise, capital, and analysis of the market, which only a local partner can provide.  Entering the Congolese market through a joint venture can be beneficial.  Businesses should be sure to conduct thorough due diligence prior to entering into a joint venture with a Congolese business partner.
  • Greenfield: opening a new office in the DRC.
  • Franchising: opening a franchise of a recognized brand in the DRC.

The nature of business in the DRC strongly discourages passive investment.  Traveling to meet partners is vital to ensure the proper fulfillment of a project.  Companies with significant interests need to consider opening a representative office.