Congo, the Democratic Republic of the - Country Commercial Guide
Democratic Republic of the Congo - Market Entry Strategy
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There are four possible market entry strategies for American companies interested in doing business in the DRC:

  • Export to Congolese retailers:  Due to the limited industrial base in the DRC, few finished goods are produced domestically.  The vast majority of consumer and finished goods are imported.
  • Set up joint ventures:  Many sectors require in-depth knowledge or expertise, capital, and market analysis that only a local partner can provide.  Entering the Congolese market through a joint venture can be advantageous.  Businesses are advised to conduct thorough due diligence before entering a joint venture with a Congolese partner.  Bidding on government tenders with a local partner is another great way to enter the market.  The government regularly advertises tenders on its portal and in local newspapers.  The U.S. Embassy in Kinshasa may be able to assist U.S. companies in finding the right partner through the Gold Key Service (GKS) and the International Partner Search (IPS) Service.  For more information on these services, visit
  • Green field:  Companies with significant interests should consider opening a representative office or new office in the DRC.  Travelling to meet partners is crucial to ensure proper execution of a project. 
  • Franchising:  Opening a franchise of a recognized brand in the DRC; no specific regulation exists.  Businesses that open franchises in the DRC are subject to the same rules as other businesses that open offices in the country.

The National Agency for the Promotion of Investments (ANAPI) is the advisory body to the central and provincial governments on investment promotion and the improvement of the business climate.  ANAPI’s mission is to promote the positive image of the DRC, to promote specific investment opportunities, to advocate for the improvement of the country’s business climate (“after-care”), and to provide administrative support to investors who decide to establish or expand their economic activities in the national territory.