Bolivia - Country Commercial Guide
Prohibited and Restricted Imports
Last published date:

Any entrance through customs of the following merchandise into national territory is prohibited:

  • Harmful merchandise that may damage the environment, human health or life, or damage the preservation of animal or plant life.
  • Decomposing or contaminated edible products.
  • Animals or vegetables affected by illness or plague.
  • Waste from radioactive substances or other residuals, or other dangerous waste.
  • Ozone damaging substances.
  • Merchandise that threatens the security of the Bolivian state and/or the financial-economic system.
  • Foreign lottery tickets.
  • Used clothing and accessories, including shoes and other products considered unhygienic (except with the express permission of the relevant authority).
  • Vehicles, and parts and accessories for vehicles, whether used or new, which other regulations prohibit from importation (diesel oil engine, right wheel steering, age of a particular vehicle class).

The following merchandise is regulated:

  • Edible food items and agricultural products (including pesticides and veterinary medicines) that have not been registered previously with the National Service of Agricultural and Nutritional Sanitation.
  • Pharmaceutical products and formulas that have not been registered previously with the Ministry of Health and Sports.

Arms, munitions, and explosives are highly regulated and controlled.