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According to INE, most of Bolivia’s imports in 2022 were combustibles and lubricants, industrial materials, consumables, and capital goods for industry.  Principal U.S. exports to Bolivia include mineral oils/fuels, plastic materials, food preparations, halogenated olefins, heavy machinery, automobiles, and pharmaceuticals. These continue to be among the best sector prospects for U.S. exports.  Additional potential prospects for U.S. exports to Bolivia include pharmaceutical products, medical instruments, vehicles, plastics, paper, and food products, including wheat, corn, cereals, and dairy.

From January to December 2022, imports reached $13.05 billion, representing an increase in imports from the same period during the previous year of 36 percent.

The increase in imports was particularly due to an increase in external purchases of fuels and lubricants to satisfy internal demand with an increase of 94 percent, likewise, a modest recovery of the economy was evident.  A similar trend occurred in the category of industrial supplies imports, which increased by 18 percent, followed by transportation equipment and related parts and accessories with a positive increase of 18.2 percent.  Consumer goods imports increased 6.5 percent and food and beverages increased 5 percent.

Capital goods imports increased 31 percent, where capital goods for industry and construction present a significant increase, mainly in air filter treatment plants and others, excavators, shovels loaders, compactors, and motor graders aimed at improving and increasing production.