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Equipment and Machinery
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The industrial sector in Bolivia has seen very little development.  Almost all the machinery and equipment required for the agricultural, construction, mining, energy, mass consumption products industry, among others, are imported from different international suppliers.  The main suppliers of equipment and light machinery are Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico, countries with which Bolivia has Economic Complementation Agreements, giving Bolivia the advantage of tariff exemptions for importing their products.  Equipment and machinery for all sectors (agricultural, construction, mining, energy, industry for mass consumption products, etc.) are also imported from countries with more advanced technological development, including the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Japan, and China.  However, Bolivia does not have any type of tariff preference for the importation of equipment and machinery with these countries.

Table: Equipment and Machinery, million USD  
Production202020212022*2023 estimated
Total Local Production000N/A
Total Exports000N/A
Total Imports1,481.81,722.72,222.6N/A
Imports from the U.S.152.6129.9173.8N/A
Total Market Size1,481.81,722.72,222.6N/A
Exchange Rates6.866.866.86N/A

(Total market size = (total local production + imports) - exports)

Units: $ millions
Source: National Statistics Bureau (INE)

Leading Sub-Sectors

The best sales prospects are equipment, machinery and technologies related to medium-sized open pit mines and small and medium-sized alluvial gold mining operations.  The best prospects are equipment for excavation, including drills, crushers, pulverizing machines, excavators, conveyors, compressors, concentrators, pumps, front-loaders, bulldozers, heavy duty mining trucks, tractors, and shovels. 


Bolivia has the largest lithium deposits of any country in the world and seeks to capitalize on these supplies.  The government is in the process of selecting international companies to develop an economically feasible and environmentally friendly technology to produce lithium through Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) technology.  A U.S. company is currently in contention for this project.  Additionally, Bolivia’s state-owned mining company, Comibol, wants to double its 2022 tin output in response to high global demand and increased international prices.  The government aims to increase mineral outputs: an opportunity for related exports in the equipment and machinery sector.


Camara Agropecuaria del Oriente (CAO)

Bolivia Mining Corporation (Comibol)

Ministry of Mining

Cámara Nacional de Comercio

Cámara de la Construcción de Santa Cruz (CADECOCRUZ)

Cámara Nacional de Hidrocarburos y Energía (CNHE)