Belize - Country Commercial Guide
Trade Barriers
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The Government of Belize utilizes an Import Licensing Regime that serves as non-tariff barriers to protect the domestic market. The Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Enterprises (MAFSE) includes the Supplies Control Unit, which has responsibility for Belize’s import licensing regime. Applications can be submitted online after registering with the Supplies Control Unit. 

To protect certain domestic industries, the Government of Belize maintains a list of products that require import licenses. This list includes live animals, meat and edible offal, dairy produce, vegetables, certain roots and tubers, fruits, rice, corn, cereals, flour, oil seeds, sugar, citrus fruit, fruit juices, ice cream, beverage spirits and vinegar, cattle, some fish and seafood products, milk and cheese, prepared animal fodder, mineral fuels, oil and oil products, bituminous substances, mineral waxes, wood, and wood articles.