Belize - Country Commercial Guide
Customs Regulations
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The Customs and Excise Duties Act provides the legal framework by which the Belize Customs Department assesses, collects, and enforces the collection of Import Duties, Revenue Replacement Duties, and Excise Duties. The Belize Customs Department generally uses original commercial invoices and product catalogs to determine the value of goods coming into the country. Duties are charged on the CIF value of goods. 

The Valuation Unit of the Customs Department uses the U.S. National Automobile Dealers Association (N.A.D.A.) publication, commonly known as the Blue Book, to value vehicles and automobiles being imported into Belize.

The Customs and Excise may be contacted at 

Customs House, Port Loyola, P.O. Box 146, Belize City

Tel: +(501)-223-7092 / 223-7093

Fax: +(501)-223-7091