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Belize is becoming one of the fastest-growing telecom markets in the Caribbean and has seen an increase in telecommunications density, combined with sharp declines in tariffs for various services within the sector.  The country has relatively high rates of connectivity, with half the population having an internet connection, a figure which has doubled in the past decade.  Nearly 95 percent of adults have access to cellular mobile devices, and more than two-thirds are active on social media.  Internet is widely available in major population centers with high-speed broadband for regular customers in select areas at very affordable prices.  Belize performs well in categories such as internet bandwidth per internet user, due to its relatively small population and an undersea cable that connects the country to the United States.  However, undeveloped areas and rural communities lack coverage and rely on expensive, slower satellite connections.  Many consumers elect to purchase lower bandwidth services due to lower cost, driving down average download speeds in the country.

The Government of Belize is committed to competition in the market, improving access and service quality for customers, promoting innovative technological solutions, and seeking trusted vendors for telecommunications hardware and software. BTL (Belize Telemedia Limited) is the largest internet service provider in Belize. However, 27 companies have been granted licenses to provide internet in Belize.  Belize has further signaled its interest in investment in digitizing government, developing technological skills, and potentially pursuing emerging technologies such as Open Radio Access Networks (O-RAN).          

Business Process Outsourcing, IT Services, and IT Outsourcing 

Belize’s leading offshore outsourcing subsectors are related to information technology services and information technology outsourcing, including computer systems, computer hardware, software, business and audiovisual equipment, and cyber security, as well as linked business and professional services, such as accounting, marketing, customer service and public relations services. This subsector has significant growth opportunities, including in offshore customer service centers, online software management services, information technology outsourcing (ITO), knowledge process outsourcing (KPO), and legal process outsourcing. The Belize labor force is largely bilingual in English and Spanish and provides a wide pool from which to recruit skilled labor into the sector at relatively low cost. The proximity to the United States and the same time zone as Chicago in the fall and Denver in the spring makes Belize an attractive destination for offshore outsourcing.


The Belizean government, through BELTRAIDE, continues to support the national strategy for the sector by improving industry infrastructure and labor force training but more extensive investment and cross training is needed in this industry.  As Belize seeks to expand its telecommunications infrastructure, but remains a relatively small market, there are opportunities for medium-sized U.S. enterprises to provide consulting, hardware, software, and other technical services to local service providers.  


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