Belize - Country Commercial Guide
Prohibited and Restricted Imports
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Certain goods are restricted for import into Belize based on a licensing and permit regime. The tariff applied to products originating from CARICOM member states may be different from the tariff applied to products originating from other countries. Likewise, there may also be quantity restrictions on certain products. 

The list of restricted items includes peanut butter, jam, jellies, pasta, wheat flour, rice, peppers and pepper sauces, beer, alcohol, spirits, carbonated beverages, cigarettes, products made of wood, pharmaceutical medicines, pesticides, telecommunication equipment, certain gases and chemicals deemed harmful to the environment, and fuel. Beans and rice, like many other locally produced agricultural products, may not be imported if there is a surplus on the domestic market. Goods containing ephedrine and pseudoephedrine are prohibited. Further information regarding prohibited and restricted goods is available on the Belize Customs and Excise Department’s website at

Importers and exporters can request services, including requesting an import license, from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Enterprises (MAFSE).