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Temporary Entry
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Effective February 25, 2013, Albania became a party to the Customs Convention on Carnet (ATA) for temporary import of goods. ATA Carnets are accepted for transit, and not accepted for postal traffic or unaccompanied goods. For information on obtaining an ATA export document, please visit the following ATA Carnet website.

For more informaiton on the temporary admission from the General Directorate of Customs in Albania please visit this  the Albanian Customs web page  customs regime is structured as follows:

Free Circulation Regime – Import or release of goods into free circulation, as a category of customs regime, means the permanent placing of goods in the territory of Albania. Products set under such a regime are subject to all trade policy measures, such as custom duties and other related payments.

Export – Export regime is applied on all Albanian products destined for export outside the Albanian customs territory.

Active Processing (Fason Regime) – The active processing regime implies that foreign goods undergo operations of transformation or processing on Albania’s customs territory without incurring taxes and fees, except for the customs processing fees, provided resulting products are exported.

Processing Under Customs Control – This regime allows goods to be imported from outside Albania for processing operations, which change their nature or state, without being subject to import duties or other trade policy measures. Duty becomes payable when the finished product is put on free circulation. The duty is then payable on the finished product as if it had been imported directly.

Temporary Permit Regime – Non-Albanian goods destined for re-export can be used in the Albanian customs territory being completely or partially exempted from import duties and any trade policy measures if they are not experiencing any change except depreciation. The maximum period for goods to be under such regime is one year. After this period, they should be re-exported.

Passive Processing – Albanian products can be exported temporarily outside the Albanian customs territory for processing, before reimportation with complete or partial exception of import duties.

Transit Regime – Transit of goods and/or vehicles between foreign countries through the territory of Albania without application of trade policy measures. Goods transported through the territory of Albania are exempt from customs duty, VAT, and excise taxes.

Temporary Warehouse Regime – Products are considered to have the status of temporary storage from the moment they are present in the customs office until the time their destination is determined. Such goods are held in specific areas approved by customs authorities.