Albania - Country Commercial Guide
Import Requirements and Documentation
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The importer is responsible to provide the necessary import documents to customs. The following are the main documents required for imports and exports, though U.S. exporters should consult with importers for a complete list of required documents:

  • Certificate of the quality of goods;
  • Certificate of the analysis of goods;
  • Certificate of the origin of goods;
  • Original purchase invoice and terms of delivery (sales contract for the good is optional);
  • Transportation documents (CMR, BL, AWB);
  • VAT number of importer;
  • Import authorization for certain goods.

It is obligatory to describe the sanitary characteristics of food or medical products. Drugs and medical equipment must be registered with the National Center of Drugs and Medical Equipment to be imported into the country. Certain products require import permits.

Labeling &Marking Requirements

According to the Law on Food, all food products destined for end consumers must have labels in the Albanian language and include the name of the product; ingredients; quantity of special ingredients or categories of ingredients; net quantity/weight/volume; expiration date; manner of storage; pertinent consumer warnings; and importer’s full address. The label in Albanian is not a requirement for the exporter but for the Albanian importing company, which should place labels before the product enters the market. Sticker labels in Albanian are acceptable when labels are in a foreign language.

The labeling of drugs is regulated separately. For more information, please visit the National Center of Drugs and Medical Equipment.

Directions on the labeling for non-food products in Albanian are less specific than for food products.