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Construction (CNR)

Construction contributed 9.2% to Albanian GDP in 2018. Major ongoing and expected infrastructure projects in the tourism, transportation, and energy sectors are expected to drive construction spending higher in 2019 and in the coming years. Major construction projects include finalization of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline, a USD 50 million stadium in Tirana, several hydro power stations, major road corridors, and a new international airport in Kukes. In 2018, the GOA announced the pre-qualification stage for a 90-million-euro tender to rehabilitate a 35-km railway line from Tirana to Durres, and a new 5-km line linking the railway with Tirana International Airport.

The government has also announced a three-year public-private partnership initiative from 2018 to 2020, worth one billion euros that seeks to upgrade Albania’s infrastructure, including roads, hospitals, and schools.

Leading Sub-Sectors

•           Construction materials

•           Heavy equipment and machinery

•           Energy efficient materials for residential and commercial construction

•           Engineering and design services.


While domestic production of primary construction materials has increased significantly in recent years, Albania still imports a wide range of construction materials. High-end residential and commercial properties and construction of tourism resorts is expected to increase demand for quality supplies, especially energy-efficient materials. Potential U.S. goods for this market include wood and vinyl windows, doors, flooring, suspended ceilings, dry wall, insulation materials, adhesives; paints, cements, heating and ventilation systems, air conditioning, refrigeration, and cooling systems.

Additional infrastructure projects, such as the proposed Tirane-Durres-Rinas railway and prospects for a new international airport and new marinas, have garnered attention from domestic and foreign investors. Government-financed infrastructure projects focus mainly on roads, water supply, and sewerage. As such, demand for heavy machinery, equipment, and services is expected to increase.

Interested parties can bid online for government-financed projects at the following sites:

Web Resources

Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy

Ministry of Economy and Finance

Albanian Development Fund


Trans Adriatic Pipeline

Albanian Construction Portal.