Albania - Country Commercial Guide
Market Entry Strategy
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New-to-market investors should visit the country to better understand the local business climate and meet government officials, business associations, and potential business partners. Companies that specialize in the technology, telecommunications, and services should consider providing presentations and demonstrations of their products and services. For consumer goods, however, companies may work solely through agents or local distributors.

Most new entrants form a relationship with a local partner, who can provide insight into the business and political climate. U.S. companies should exercise due diligence when choosing local partners. U.S. companies should also be prepared to support local partners with proper training and sales materials.

The U.S. Embassy’s Economic and Commercial Section can help you to locate the right partners in the local market. In partnership with the U.S. Foreign Commercial Service (FCS) Rome, the Embassy provides a wide range of FCS branded services including International Partner Search, International Partner Background, Single Company Promotion, Gold Key Service, etc. as well as tailored services that fit the needs of U.S. companies.  Other sources to consider when seeking potential partners are the American Chamber of Commerce in Albania, local chambers of commerce and industry, the Albanian Investment Development Agency, law firms, consulting companies, and other business organizations.