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Boost Your SEO Ranking With Keywords and Backlinks
How to make search rank using keywords, backlinks, and metadata.

Boost Your SEO Ranking With Backlinks and Keywords

Boost Your SEO Ranking With Backlinks and Keywords

With each WGR Gap Analysis Service delivered to a CS client, the topic of keywords and backlinking strategy invariably comes up. While we don’t assist clients with “keyword campaigns” or “backlink outreach”, we do offer our clients sound advice as to how to get started developing their own SEO ability to be found in online search.

Understanding how SEO works means that you understand how searchbots require text words on your site in order for it to be indexed for a search result. Keyword and backlink usage & volume within your site content are indicators of a quality website to searchbots, so the more of these indicators of a quality website you have, the better.

Why Keywords for SEO?

Keywords are literally the text content on your site, including the words in your site menu. In order to “rank” for a keyword you have to tell the searchbots that your site has everything to do with that keyword, by having it on your site repeatedly in text. This doesn’t mean you should “keyword stuff” your pages, because search bots are programmed to detect “normal language use” of keywords, and will detect any attempts to trick them. The only solution here is actually having lots of quality content across your pages, and putting forth effort to sustain regular content updates for SEO.

Keywords are what searchbots see on your site, keep them informed with written content
Keywords within the content that you put on your pages inform the searchbots and helps with SEO

Why Backlinks for SEO?

Backlinks are nothing more than a URL on your page that a visitor can click on and go to another page, away from yours. Most businesses will logically cringe at the thought of sending customers away from their website, however there is a very important audience that thinks links away from your site makes you a valuable resource. Search bots are programmed to see links to other sites on your page as great “reputation references”, and having links on other sites pointing towards yours are even more significant to them in speaking for your site as a valuable resource. 

Backlinks are URLs to and from your website, that tells searchbots your website is reputable.
Backlink URLs to show searchbots that you are a valuable resource worth showing up as a search result

Don’t Forget Metadata for SEO!

Think of metadata issues as the “mechanical issues” that impede the performance of your site, and are just as important as keywords and backlinks to SEO rankings. Searchbots are programmed with the logic to see the existence of metadata issues on your site as an indicator of site neglect, and therefore, that a neglected site shouldn’t show up in search as a “valuable resource” for the searcher.

You will want to routinely check for metatada issues throughout the year, as given their “mechanical nature” new issues can and will arise for various reasons. Depending on your website software, these metadata issues can be fixed from the backend by filling out overlooked “page summary” section for instance, or page image text descriptions that searchbots depend on.

Metadata issues are another major factor in SEO scores, the more your website has the worse it looks
Metadata tells searchbots which content is important, and the presence of these metadata issues on your pages has a negative impact on SEO search score.

Starting Your Keyword and Backlink Strategy

Now that you have a better understanding of the basic needs of a searchbot, you will want to begin to address them yourself with the assistance and guidance of a qualified eCommerce Business Service Provider. As you create new content for your webpages reach out to partners, colleagues, and other organizations to share your new content, and a URL backlink between to your sites, with them. Keep in mind backlinks to and from other sites proves to the searchbots your site is reputable and known to a “larger online community”.

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