Office of Supply Chain Services


The Office of Supply Chain Services (SCS) delivers expertise on supply chain logistics services issues through industry analysis, support of U.S. competitiveness, and trade policy development, and trade negotiations across a broad range of transportation, logistics, and distribution services industries. SCS also promotes best practices in customs and trade facilitation for an efficient supply chain, monitors current and potential bottlenecks affecting the movement of goods, advocates for a more sustainable, inclusive, supply chain, encourages increased data visibility, and runs the Advisory Committee on Supply Chain Competitiveness (ACSCC).

Office of Supply Chain Services Leadership Team

Profile photo of Heather Sykes
Heather Sykes
Office Director
profile photo of Christine Brown
Christine Brown
Cross-Cutting Issues Team Lead
profile photo of Caroline Kaufman
Caroline Kaufman 
Industries Team Lead
Cecelia Williams
Cecelia Williams
Office Administration 

Cross-Cutting Issues Team Members

profile photo of russell adise
Russell Adise
Interagency Transportation Data Initiatives, Supply Chain Bottlenecks and Transportation Crises
profile photo of Jason Moy
Jasun Moy
Trade Negotiations, ACSCC Secondary DFO
profile photo of Bola Somade
Bola Somade
Supply Chain Digital Technologies, Sustainability, and Inclusivity
Profile Photo of Rebecca Yarvitz
Rebecca Yarvitz
Interagency Supply Chain Transportation Work, Supply Chain Bottlenecks and Transportation Crises

Industries Team Members

Profile photo of Richard Boll
Richard Boll
ACSCC DFO, Trucking and Rail Services
profile photo of Ian Cook
Ian Cook
Maritime and Port Services, Including Blue Economy Services
Profile Photo of Darrian Frazier
Darrian Frazier
E-commerce Services, Express Delivery Services, International Postal Policy
profile photo of Sid Sridhar
Siddharth Sridhar
Cold Chain Distribution, Direct Marketing, Direct Selling, Franchising, Retail and Wholesale, and Warehousing Services
gender neutral profile
Air Transport Services (Contact Industries Team Lead)