Office of Services

Man on cell phone, linking to counties around the world

Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Services 

The Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS) for Services works to create the policy conditions for U.S. digital, financial, supply chain, and other services industries to innovate at home and around the world.
To that end, the DAS for Services seeks to ensure the cross-border flows of data, finance, services, goods, and people on which U.S. companies in every sector of the U.S. economy rely. 


What is trade in services? 

Trade in services refers to a wide and growing range of economic activities. These activities include transport and logistics, financial services, use of intellectual property, telecommunications and digital services, and other professional services from accounting to legal services. In addition to services as independent exports, manufactured and agricultural products incorporate and depend on services, such as research and development or shipping of intermediate or final goods.
As services account for 71% of U.S. employment, U.S. trade in services—both services as exports and as inputs to other exported products—have a broad impact across the U.S. economy. Rapid advances in information technology and the related growth of global value chains have expanded both the level and the range of services tradable across national borders. As a result, services have become a significant part of U.S. trade flows and of global trade in general, accounting for $827 billion in U.S. exports in 2018.

The DAS for Services oversees three offices.  You will find further information by following the links below to each of these offices. 

The Office of Supply Chain, Professional and Business Services

The Office of Finance and Insurance Industries 
The Office of Digital Services Industries